The Megalith

In 1978, Swan Point set the Megalith, what is believed to be the largest single stone erected in an American cemetery, in the midst of Memorial Grove.

When considering a central feature for this park-like grove of trees, Swan Point relied on its long association with boulders – like those used in the cemetery’s wall and entrance – to create a monument that would be in keeping with this natural setting.

the-megalith-springThe boulder, whose size and shape were suitable for this purpose, was found in Westerly, Rhode Island. It is roughly eight feet square at the base, about seventeen feet high, and is estimated to weigh over 50 tons. The stone, simply called “The Megalith,” is an impressive addition to the grove’s landscape.

Dr. Bruno J. Giletti, Professor of Geological Sciences at Brown University, examined the stone, and the geological findings are available in a comprehensive report available in the Cemetery administrative office. According to its geology, the stone has been part of the structure of what is now Rhode Island, for at least five million years.

In many cultures, stones represent eternity and the eternal elements in nature – the stars, the earth, the sea, or the mountains. We believe The Megalith represents a microcosm of the universe and is a worthy expression of mankind’s kinship with nature.

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