Memorial Grove

In our quest to perpetuate a portion of Swan Point’s beautiful undeveloped property, and in response to frequent requests for a place to scatter remains after cremation, we have dedicated an acre and a half of natural woodland to Memorial Grove.

Created in 1979, this park-like area serves as a place to commemorate those who are not interred in family lots at Swan Point or at any other particular location. The central feature of Memorial Grove is The Megalith, an ancient 50-ton stone that guards the preserve.

This memorial area may honor those who have been lost at sea or lost in battle and have not returned home. It can also include those who have chosen cremation followed by informal distribution of the remains. Some may choose to have their cremated remains scattered rather than buried or inurned. Memorial Grove is the perfect place to carry out that wish and still have the privilege of recording the name and dates for posterity. Ground-level granite ledgers on which names are inscribed, are the only adornment in the grove.

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