Burial Lots

Our goal is to meet the ever-changing needs of our community while safeguarding the history of those who came before us.


Burial lots are available for sale to meet every taste and requirement. In developing new sections of the grounds, the cemetery maintains a policy established in its early years whereby all lots are graded, bound stones set, paths constructed and water drainage lines extended before lots are made available for sale.

A lot owner acquires interment rights as well as interest in a large estate that has been developed, beautified, and made available for the purpose to which it is dedicated. Since the early part of the last century, Swan Point has followed the practice of including in the purchase price of the lot, an amount sufficient to provide perpetual care of the grass on it. This contributes to and makes possible the maintenance of the entire cemetery in accordance with the high standards established many years ago and still followed today.

When a lot is purchased, the owner is given a properly recorded deed to the lot and a plan describing it and showing its location. A lot owner holding title to a lot of at least 60 square feet in area has the rights and obligation of proprietorship. The office maintains a current and complete plan of each lot together with a record of every interment at the cemetery, showing the names, dates, and other pertinent information.

Lot owners will be subject to all by-laws of the corporation and to all rules and regulations of the Board of Directors that are now, or in the future, in place. Other than in exceptional circumstances, a lot owner may not sell his lot, and then only upon approval by the Board of Directors. A lot will not be sold until all interred remains have been removed.

An area has been developed where a lot may be purchased with inscription privileges on cemetery-owned memorials. Ownership of the memorial, which will remain permanently affixed to the land, remains the property of the cemetery. The cemetery reserves the right to inscribe the memorial only upon interment as each interment occurs, and subject to the manner in which the inscription is prescribed by the cemetery. After inscription, the cemetery will not repurchase any portion of the land or the inscribed monument.

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