About Cremation

Swan Point Cemetery serves the community by providing a place for dignified interment and by commemorating loved ones.

Cremation is an age-old process in which a body is exposed to extreme heat for two hours or more. Through this process the body is reduced to its basic elements, which are referred to as the “cremated body” or “cremated remains.” Cremation occurs in our crematory in a specially designed cremation chamber. Many people are surprised to learn that ashes are not the final result since cremated remains have neither the appearance nor the chemical properties of ashes. They are, in fact, bone fragments. These fragments are further reduced in size through a mechanical process.

If you have chosen cremation, your funeral director can guide you with choosing a crematory. Selecting the appropriate crematory is an important decision. Serving Rhode Island since 1947, Swan Point Crematory is a trusted, full service crematory that has maintained an impeccable reputation for providing compassionate, dignified service over the years. Our staff is dedicated solely to those entrusted to their care and serving the families and friends who have the responsibility for final arrangements.

Swan Point Cemetery serves the community by providing a place for dignified interment and by commemorating loved ones.

At Swan Point, each cremation is performed individually and carefully by our highly trained cremationist. After preparation, if an urn has not been selected, the cremated remains are placed in a temporary container that is suitable for transport. Throughout the cremation process, the remains are handled with dignity and respect.

Family members may be present during the cremation process. Increasingly, families and friends are choosing to escort their loved one to the crematory for a committal service in the crematory’s committal chapel, and often witness the casket being placed into the cremation chamber. You may wish to discuss this with your funeral director or we invite you to call us directly with any questions you may have regarding the cremation process. Should you wish to take a tour of our facility, please call us at the cemetery office at (401) 272-1314.

Cremation is a simple, clean, affordable and dignified process that is steadily increasing in popularity. Many believe that the process of cremation is an end in itself, but it is not. We believe that cremation is preparation for memorialization.

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