Etiquette When Visiting

Swan Point Cemetery is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. We ask guests to remember that it is a sacred burial ground and ask that our rules and policies are followed when visiting.

When conditions permit, the cemetery grounds are open daily from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm during Standard Time and from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm April 1 through September 30.

The grounds are primarily for the use of proprietors (lot owners), columbaria niche owners, mausolea crypt owners and the families and friends of the deceased. Therefore, no photography of gravestones is permitted. Although it is private and exists primarily as a resting place for past generations, Swan Point is also a community resource, offering a place of serenity and beauty for quiet enjoyment.

Visitors are welcome to walk, slowly bicycle or drive around our grounds (please observe 15 mph speed limit). We ask visitors to wear proper attire including shirts and footwear, and respect the privacy and solemnity of chapel and graveside services. No walking of pets, skiing, skateboarding, fast bicycling, rollerblading or picnicking is allowed on our grounds. Jogging and fast walking are acceptable between 8:00 am and 9:00 am but, for safety reasons, no earphones may be worn at any time.

Visitors are on the grounds at their own risk and Swan Point will in no way assume responsibility or liability for any injury that visitors might sustain during their visit.

Children under 16 years of age are welcome to visit but must be accompanied by an adult agreeing to bear responsibility for their conduct.

Pedestrians are expected to walk only on the roadways or on lanes designated for their use. If the only access to a lot is across another lot, then the necessary crossing is permitted.

Vehicular travel should be limited to the roadways and should be done slowly and as quietly as possible.

The following activities are prohibited at Swan Point Cemetery:

  • Soliciting or selling any product or service
  • Placement of signs, notices and advertisements
  • Carrying weapons of any kind (military funerals and law enforcement officers excepted)
  • Lounging and sunbathing
  • Skating, sledding or skiing
  • Disturbing or injuring any structure, tree, plant, shrub or grassed area, or the removal of any of these from the grounds

It is the policy of the cemetery to consider those who do not conform to these policies as trespassers and treat them accordingly, requesting their departure or taking whatever action is deemed appropriate.

Photography Policy

In an effort to protect the privacy of our lot owners, photography and videography is restricted to scenes of the landscape, nature and architectural designs. The use of movie cameras and live models is strictly prohibited.

All persons wishing to take photographs for personal or commercial purposes must complete a Swan Point Cemetery Photography Permit Application, available at the office in the administration building.

Individuals wishing to take photographs or use film intended for publication or commercial use are prohibited from doing so without the written consent of Swan Point Cemetery. An application to publish photographs taken on the cemetery grounds must be made in writing and include proofs of the photos intended for publication along with an outline describing the article.

Public Laws, Ordinances, etc.

All interments, disinterments, cremations, dispositions and removals will be subject to the laws, ordinances and regulations of the State of Rhode Island and the city of Providence which are now, and from time to time hereafter may be, in force.

All the rules and regulations are intended to be in conformity with the by-laws of the cemetery and with the charter through which it exists.

The cemetery should be consulted in regard to any and all questions, which may arise under any rules and regulations as well as any questions, and subjects, which are not covered therein.

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