Civil War

 Full Name Rank Regiment Biographical Info Group Lot
Sayles, Welcome B. Lt. Colonel 7th Reg. RI VolKIA Battle of Fredericksburg 12/62179
Schmidt, Louis Co. G. 1st RI Lt. Art.37479
Seamans, Charles N. US Navy 1326
Seamans, James O. US Navy Also US Army 1326
Shaw, James G. Co. E. 2nd Reg. RI Vol.2805
Shaw, Stephen A. Co. E. 2nd Reg. RI Vol.Died of wounds Jarvis Hosp 5/652805
Sheldon, Walter M. 2nd Reg. RI Vol.KIA 1st Battle of Bull Run 7/21/61FUS 215
Smith, Charles S.Lieut. 3132
Smith, James Y. General Governor of Rhode Island 1863-6618366
Smith, William S. Lieut. 304nw pt.
Snow, Charles H. Co. A. 1st Reg. RI Vol.1841
Snow, Daniel C. Co. B. 1st Reg. RI Vol.Also Co. H, 11th RI Vol.1841
Spencer, Gideon 1st Reg. RI Lt. Art.89
Spicer, William A.Co. B. 1st Reg. RI Vol.3516
Spooner, Henry J. Lieut. 1st Reg. RI Vol.374161
Stone, William Colonel 11th Reg. RI Vol.3439
Studley, John Lt. Colonel 51st Reg. MA Vol.37449
 Full Name Rank Regiment Biographical Info Group Lot