Burial Information

A link to the burial, entombment and inurnment records can be found on the “Locating the Deceased” link. An audio prompt will help you locate the interment site of the deceased and provide instructions for printing a map highlighting the route to the location. Additional cemetery information is also available on the kiosk found in the lobby of the main building at Swan Point.

After entering the name of the deceased, a new page will open. Click on the “Locate” box on the right. When the map opens, a QR code will be located in the lower right corner of the search screen. You can scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet (with a QR code reader) that will connect you to Google Maps. This will provide you with directions from your home or location of inquiry, to the grave, columbarium or mausoleum where the deceased is interred at Swan Point Cemetery.

Genealogical Research

More detailed information can be obtained by submitting a request by letter addressed to: Swan Point Cemetery, 585 Blackstone Blvd., Providence, RI 02906. Please be sure to include your mailing address. There is a $8.00 fee per name. Checks should be made payable to:
Swan Point Cemetery.

The information provided will include:

  • Grave
  • Lot
  • Niche or Crypt Location
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Birth
  • Age

Biographical information such as:

  • Place of Birth
  • Spouse
  • Parents’ Names

Information on older records may be limited.

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