Green/Natural Burial

Swan Point Cemetery is pleased to offer green burial as one of our interment options. “Green” or natural burial is a process by which all components going into the earth are biodegradable. As concern for the environment steadily grows, interest in green burial has become more common.

GBC_logoSpaces available for natural burial are located in the “historic core” of the cemetery known as the Ellipse. Surrounded by mature trees and shrubs the land will be kept free of monuments preserving its natural setting. A granite ledger is available for communal inscriptions of names.

Every grave space allows for one full body burial, or two sets of cremated remains. Cremated remains must be placed in a biodegradable urn then buried. Both full body and cremation interments will take place without the use of any type of outer container therefore will be considered permanent and irretrievable.

To learn more about the options regarding natural burial at Swan Point, please click on the link below.


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