Civil War

 Full Name Rank Regiment Biographical Info Group Lot
Railton, William Co. D. 8th Reg. NJKIA Battle of Malvern Hill 7/1/621577
Randall, James B. Died in Andersonville Prison Camp 8/15/64282
Remmington, Charles R. Batt. D. 1st RI LT. Art.3125
Reynolds, William E. Co. D. 2nd RI Vol.2253
Rhodes, Benjamin C. Co. E. 1st Reg. RI Vol.2778
Rice, Thomas D. Co. F. 5th ME Vol.37436
Richardson, Charles H. 11th Reg. RI Vol.FUS 131
Richardson, William A. Co. D. 2nd Reg. RI Vol.FUS 131
Rogers, Horatio Brig. Gen.2nd Reg. RI Vol.2077
Rawson, Anthony R. Captain 14th Reg. RI Hv. Art.Died of diseases contracted in service 18642791
Rhodes, Joseph A. Captain Troop M. 3rd RI Cav.2788
Rice, Randall H. Colonel 11th Reg. CTRose from the rank of Private. Wounded 3 times.31321
Rhodes, William W. Commander US Navy 74
Read, LewisCorporal Co. A. 3rd Reg. RI Vol.1401
Rhodes, Elisha H. Lt. Col. 2nd Reg. RI Vol.Rose from the rank of Pivate. Was in every major battle. 41694
Read, Charles M. Sergeant Batt. A. Reg. RI Lt. Art. KIA Battle of Antietam 9/17/621773
 Full Name Rank Regiment Biographical Info Group Lot